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Earth Day 2022
Earth Day 2022Photography by Sharon Wu, @sharonne.wu

Earth Day: Spellbinding Photos That Pay Tribute to the Natural World

We asked and you delivered: here, we present a selection of images from our annual Earth Day photography competition, all of which celebrate the magic of nature

Lead ImageEarth Day 2022Photography by Sharon Wu, @sharonne.wu

For the second edition of our annual Earth Day photography competition, we invited photographers from the AnOther community to submit an image that captures the magic of nature. Selected from over 1,000 submissions, the final shortlist presents a joyful and varied look at the natural world, while offering a probing look at our place within it. The edit includes imagery which celebrates nature’s vast and immutable landscapes – such as the moon-like beaches of Milos island in Greece and the snow-peaked edifice of Mount Fuji in Japan – and also its multitude of creatures great and small, including a portrait of the papery orchid mantis, a fingernail-sized baby snail, and a flock of sheep. Together, these works are a reminder that Earth Day is not just a moment to reflect on nature’s immense beauty, but also a time to take stock of all that could be lost if climate issues are not addressed.